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We strive to give you all of the tools you may need as you consider your options, and we invite you to contact us for more information on our products and services as well as how we might fit into your specific operation.


Download sample templates for measuring buildings for the installation of a bi-fold or hydraulic door.


Bi-Fold Doors

Midland Door Solutions’ architectural bi-fold doors are designed for show-stopping aesthetics and smooth, safe operation.

Watch the smooth operation as this Midland Door Solutions’ bi-fold opens and closes.

This municipal airport retrofit in York, NE showcases the smooth operation of Midland Door Solutions’ bi-fold doors.

An architectural bi-fold door helps Twin City Garage Door manage their space.

Counter Swing Doors

Midland Door Solutions’ counter swing doors add an elevated look to residential spaces with a modern design, smooth operation and an unobstructed view when open.

This counter swing door from Midland Door Solutions offers a modern design, smooth operation and an unobstructed view.

Four-Fold Doors

Midland Door Solutions’ vertical four-fold doors provide smooth operation, require little headroom and open in 7-10 seconds, making them ideal for buildings that house emergency response vehicles.

Custom-designed vertical four-fold doors were ideal for turning a historic building into a contemporary brewery.

Hydraulic Doors

See how you can make lake life better with a fast-opening, remote-controlled hydraulic door.


Midland bi-fold and hydraulic Doors meet the strictest building code requirements for wind resistance and include our satisfaction guarantee. Our professionals ensure that your customers’ doors are engineered, manufactured and installed as specified, and on time. Builders and architects prefer Midland Door Solutions because they know their customers will be happy and safe.

  • Superior Wind Resistance
  • Built to Order
  • Flexible Options
  • On Time Delivery
  • Up-Front and Open Communication
  • Complete Solutions
  • Industry Leading Safety
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed