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Architectural Hydraulic Doors

Turn your vision into a reality with a show-stopping door on your architectural building. Create a lasting impression for customers, clients and friends when they see the stunning feature that is a Midland architectural hydraulic door.

These visually appealing doors are built with the same high-quality, durable material as our agricultural, hangar and commercial building doors, but with a fully customizable, unique design limited only by your imagination. Plus, they’re backed with our signature 3-year warranty.

High Quality Features


Get optimal dependability with the best materials possible. Everything from handles to the hydraulic system is top quality.
Show-Stopping Aesthetics


Turn your vision into a reality and create the best first impression possible.
Premium Safety


Our exclusive 5:1 safety factor ensures the door is constantly safe to use.


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See how you can make lake life better with a fast-opening, remote-controlled hydraulic door.

Adding a large, custom-designed architectural hydraulic tempered glass door helped to bring immense natural light into this residential pool building.


Midland Door Solutions prides itself on delivering an exceptional product and an exceptional experience. We partner with you to design and build a custom architectural hydraulic door for your specific needs. We then go the extra mile and install the door to ensure a perfect fit. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with every door and every interaction.


Hydraulic door power unit

Power Sources

  • Power sources range from 2hp to 5hp
  • 220V single-phase electric over hydraulic pump
  • Up to 4-inch bore cylinders
Hydraulic Door Control Panel

Control Panel

Push button opens door in up to 25% less time than a bi-fold door. Fast cycle times and the power of the architectural hydraulic doors can help you be more productive.

Hydraulic Door greaseless hinge


Heavy duty, maintenance-free hinges do not require lubrication. Each hinge is composed of a Nylatron bushing that reinforces and provides a dry-film lubrication. The Nylatron bushing will not corrode, rust or pit, nor attract dirt, dust or debris, which can cause standard hinges to fail or seize.

Every door uses two powerful hydraulic cylinders


Every door uses two powerful hydraulic cylinders that are sized to the weight and height of the door. Cylinders are sized to allow for attachment to the lower one-fourth of the door frame, when applicable, which provides a rigid support structure when in the open position.

Architectural hydraulic & bi-fold door colors

Custom Painting

Door frames are primed with a two-part polyurethane primer and can be field painted or factory painted with a two-part polyurethane enamel to match any RAL or Sherwin Williams color. Powder coating is available on request. Size of door frame may limit availability.

Architectural Hydraulic Door Aluminum and Glass Façade

Aluminum and Glass Façade

Aluminum curtainwall system with insulated tempered glass can be applied to the face of the door frame, creating a seamless look with the rest of the building’s facade.

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Weather Seals

The perimeter of the door is sealed off with foam weather strip to allow for a tight seal. The frame of the door compresses against the weather strip on the jambs and header to allow for an extremely tight seal compared to other types of doors