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Project Gallery

Whether you’re building new or upgrading an existing building, you can expect full-service solutions from us. We will work with you to customize the look and design, construct it with high-quality, long-lasting materials, deliver it to your site in one piece for ultimate durability, install it and complete the trim and finish work. You won’t find that type of solution elsewhere. Take a look at these solutions we’ve completed for other customers, and then let us know what large door challenge you’d like to solve.

  • All
  • Agricultural Bi-Fold
  • Agricultural Hydraulic
  • Architectural Bi-Fold
  • Architectural Hydraulic
  • Architectural Vertical Four-Fold
  • Aviation Bi-Fold
  • Aviation Hydraulic
  • Bi-Fold Retrofit / Door Replacement
  • Commercial Bi-Fold
  • Commercial Hydraulic
  • Fertilizer Plant Bi-Fold