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Wind and other environmental factors can be brutal on large doors. When you buy a bi-fold door from Midland Door Solutions, you get a door that is built tough to withstand the harshest elements. All of our bi-fold doors are made with heavy-gauge steel tubing and a unique truss design that provides superior wind loading performance. Tough as nails with no-hassle, worry-free operation every time.

Built Tough


Bi-fold doors are made with heavy-gauge steel tubing and a unique truss design that makes them tough as nails, even in the strongest wind.
Worry-Free Operation


With the strongest material and time-tested components, you get hassle-free operation every time.
Space Savings


Utilize the full height and width of your building’s opening with the unique design of a bi-fold door.


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Watch the smooth operation as this Midland Door Solutions’ bi-fold opens and closes.

Midland Door Solutions’ architectural bi-fold doors are designed for show-stopping aesthetics and smooth, safe operation.

An architectural bi-fold door helps Twin City Garage Door manage their space.


With Midland Door Solutions, you will get the best door for your building and service committed to your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we build with customers by understanding their needs and delivering top-quality bi-fold doors. We design and build to our customers’ specifications and handle installation to ensure an ideal fit. From start to finish, our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations every single time.

Bi-fold door heavy-duty construction


Bi-fold door power source

Standard Power Sources

Midland offers electric opener motors available in 1.5 to 6 horsepower to meet a variety of applications.

Bi-Fold space utilization

Space Utilization

Our bi-fold doors are designed so you can use the full height and width of your building’s opening.

Bi-fold door heavy-duty construction

Turnkey Installation

Our experts install your door, providing all the tools and equipment, to ensure a smooth installation and ideal fit.

Bi-fold door single handle latch
Single handle latch – standard

Single Handle Latch

Single point engagement allows the user to unlock the door without going to each side of the door to unlock the jamb locks. The latch is equipped with a safety switch to prevent operation of the door if the latch is not disengaged.

Automatic Latch System
Automatic bi-fold door latch

Automatic Single Latch

Door latches will automatically disengage with the push of a button to open the door. This feature is required for use with remote control operation.

Bi-Fold door center hinge

Hinges and Pins

Door sections are secured with steel hinges that are welded to the door’s frame and linked together with 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch cold-formed hinge pins.

Bi-Fold door cable system
Cable system - standard

Cable Operating System

A cable operating system is standard on bi-fold doors. High strength aircraft cable that is a minimum of ¼ inch allows for a 5:1 safety factor.

Bi-Fold door strap operating system
Nylon strap system - optional

Nylon Strap Operating System

A nylon strap system is optional. With the strap system, 3- inch nylon straps wrap over themselves to increase door speed. They are also hidden on the inside of the door for an aesthetically appealing outer appearance.

Morton building farm equipment storage bi-fold door

Color Options

Choose your paint color and match the trim color to the exterior of your building. The liner panel and sheeting can also be personalized to match your operation. We’ll ensure everything matches just right on your new building or replicates the look of your existing structure.

Bi-Fold Door Bottom Seal
Bi-Fold Door Bottom Seal

Bottom Seals

We place two-ply cloth inserted rubber between the doorframe and sheeting to provide a 3-inch weathertight seal at the bottom of every door. All insulated doors feature dual seals.

Bi-Fold door remote control

Remote Control

Remote control option allows operation of the door with the push of a button.