Durable, Fast-Opening Hydraulic Doors

Midland Door Solutions manufactures and installs durable, efficient and fast-opening hydraulic doors for large agricultural, aviation and commercial buildings. The company custom designs all of its doors to fit any new or existing building.

Customized Bi-Fold Doors For Safe, Easy Access to New and Existing Buildings

Midland Door Solutions, West Fargo, North Dakota, manufactures and installs durable, long-lasting bi-fold doors for large agricultural, aviation and commercial buildings. The company custom designs each door to fit any new or existing building for safe and easy access. Beyond installation, Midland crews offer continual service to ensure customer needs are met for the lifetime of the door.

Midland Door Solutions Offers Architectural Doors

Midland Door Solutions offers custom architectural doors for use in a wide range of buildings, such as barns, hotels, offices, restaurants, stadiums, storefronts and high-end homes. The doors give business owners the flexibility to open up large spans of wall to enhance traffic flow in and out of buildings, or divide interior spaces, such as conference rooms, in an easy and aesthetically unique way.

When And How To Choose Bi-Fold Doors

Sectional overhead doors are the most common solutions for openings, but when does it make sense to install a bi-fold door, and how do you know which one is right? Traditional overhead doors work great for a wide range of buildings, but they have their limits; most can only be constructed as wide as 40 feet. If you have large agricultural equipment, 40 feet may simply be too narrow. This is when a bi-fold door is a better solution. Bi-fold doors feature a unique truss system that keeps them stable to as wide as 90 feet to accommodate some of the largest equipment.

Variable Speed Drive System for Bi-fold Doors

Midland Door Solutions, a full-service door manufacturer for agricultural, aviation and commercial buildings, offers a variable speed drive operating system for its bi-fold doors. The system contains a variable frequency drive and programmable logic control, which provide smooth, quiet operation throughout the door’s cycle.