Bi-Fold Doors

Midland Bi-fold DoorsWind and other environmental factors can be brutal on large doors. When you buy a bi-fold door from Midland Door Solutions, you get a door that is built tough to withstand the most tenacious elements. All of our bi-fold doors are made with heavy-gauge steel tubing and a unique truss design that provides superior wind loading performance. Tough as nails with no-hassle, worry-free operation every time.


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High strengthBifold door structural steel is jig welded to assure straight lines, while the 3” deep vertical frame members provide maximum strength, even in the strongest winds.
Machine shed doorsOur bi-fold doors are designed so you can use the full height and width of your building’s opening.
Our standardBifold door latch single latch means you’ll never forget to unlatch one side of your door again, and an optional automatic latch allows the door to be opened with only the push of the button.
Bi-fold door operating systemWe offer an optional nylon strap system to make our doors open faster. The 3-inch nylon straps wrap over themselves, resulting in a faster lift on the bi-fold door.
Bi-fold door hingeCold-formed steel hinges are welded to the frame at our shop and utilize 5/8-inch and 3/4-inch cold-rolled hinge pins.
Bi-fold door latchMidland gives you the option of an automatic latch system, allowing you to open the door without manually unlatching it – even from the comfort of your vehicle.
We placeBi-fold doors weather stripping two-ply cloth inserted rubber between the doorframe and sheeting to provide a 3-inch weathertight seal at the bottom of every door, and all insulated doors feature dual seals.
Choose yourBi-fold agricultural door paint color for the bi-fold door. Match the trim color to the exterior of your building. Get the liner panel and sheeting personalized to match your operation. We’ll ensure everything matches just right on your new building or replicates the look of your existing structure.
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