Durable, Fast-Opening Hydraulic Doors

Midland Door Solutions manufactures and installs durable, efficient and fast-opening hydraulic doors for large agricultural, aviation and commercial buildings. The company custom designs all of its doors to fit any new or existing building.

Every Midland hydraulic door uses two cylinders powered by a 2- to 5-horsepower motor and a 220-volt, single-phase, electric-over-hydraulic pump for powerful and fast cycle times. With the heavy-duty hydraulic system, solid door construction and few moving parts, Midland doors open and close smoothly and as much as 25 percent faster than non-hydraulic doors. This saves owners and operators time and increases their productivity.

Hydraulic agricultural door

Midland Door Solutions’ hydraulic doors operate as much as 25 percent faster than non-hydraulic doors and allow use of the full height and width of the building’s opening for effective use of agricultural and commercial buildings and airplane hangars.

Midland builds all of its hydraulic doors with an all-steel design, which provides more durability than doors constructed with both wood and steel. The door’s 4-inch tubular steel frame is assembled and jig welded for long-lasting stability. A 1-inch steel plate secures the hydraulic cylinder to the door, and hinge pins 3/4-inch or larger secure all attachments. Additionally, heavy-duty, 3/4-inch steel plates anchor the door to the bottom jamb. A minimum 3/8-inch tube jamb thickness further contributes to the robust durability of the door. The oversized cylinders are designed to the appropriate length and attached to the lower portion of the doorframe to add rigidity and strength frame.

For an aesthetically pleasing finish, Midland paints the exterior of its hydraulic doors to match the trim color of the building. If the door is going onto an existing structure, Midland can provide door sheeting and trim in 26- or 29-gauge ribbed steel, which are personalized for each customer’s color scheme, as are the 29-gauge ribbed steel liner panels on the interior of the doorframe.

Midland builds each door to individual customer specifications at its new 40,000-square-foot facility in West Fargo. Once fabricated, Midland delivers the doorframe and other components to the customer’s building ahead of time to expedite the installation process. The Midland installation crew arrives to the jobsite with the tools and equipment necessary to complete the installation. They weld the doorframe and lift the custom door into place with a telescoping boom forklift and attach it to the building. Insulation and steel paneling are then applied to the doorframe.

Insulation and accessories added on installation day ensure the door fits tight and is weatherproof. Customers can choose from three insulation types: 3- or 4-inch, white-faced blanket; board insulation with 4 inches inside and half an inch outside; or a half-inch board coupled with 2-1/2 inches of spray foam. A 3/8-by-1-1/2-inch foam weather strip affixed with adhesive makes the seal even stronger. Keeping the weather out is not a problem for Midland hydraulic doors.

Several options are available for greater convenience and ventilation. Customers may add a pre-hung walk door so they can enter or leave the building without opening the whole door. Walk doors are available in 24-gauge smooth-panel steel or 28-gauge textured-panel steel. Fixed or sliding custom-sized, insulated windows improve lighting and airflow. A remote control makes opening and closing the doors more convenient, and photo eye sensors or a safety-sensing edge add an additional layer of safety when the door is closing.