Hydraulic Doors

Agriculture hydraulic doors When you need speed and simplicity, Midland Hydraulic Doors are the only choice. We bring you the same durability and maximum headroom as our bi-fold doors, but with faster speeds, fewer moving parts and smooth hydraulic operation. Whether it’s a small door for RVs or a large, fast door for an aircraft hangar, our hydraulic doors offer the versatility and protection you need.


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Commercial hydraulic doors Our all-steel construction provides greater durability than doors manufactured with a combination of wood and steel. The robust design will weather the elements and hold strong for years to come.
Hydraulic doors We assemble and jig weld the 4-inch deep tubular frame at our shop and then lift it, as one piece, into place at your building. Insulation and accessories can be easily added on-site, meaning installation takes hours, not days.
Airplane hangar hydraulic doors The push of a button will have your door open in up to 25% less time than a bi-fold door. It’s easy to see how the fast cycle time and power of a hydraulic door can help you be more productive.
Hydraulic shop doors Wind, rain and sun are no match for the rugged construction and tight seal of Midland Hydraulic Doors. Whether you are keeping the elements out or letting fresh air in, your door will block whatever gets thrown at it.
Hydraulic doors power unit

  • Standard power sources range from 2hp to 5hp.
  • 220V single-phase electric over hydraulic pump
  • Up to 4-inch bore cylinders
  • UL Listed Control Panel

Hydraulic doors heavy-duty construction

  • Heavy-duty 3/4-inch steel plates form the bottom jamb.
  • 1-inch steel plate secures the cylinder to the door.
  • 3/4-inch minimum hinge pins secure all attachments
  • 3/8-inch minimum tube jamb thickness

Choose yourFarm building hydraulic doors paint color for the door. Match the trim color to the exterior of your building. Get the liner panel and sheeting personalized to match your operation. We’ll ensure everything matches just right on your new building or replicates the look of your existing structure.


Personalize options to match your new building or replicate an existing structure.

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