Bi-fold and Hydraulic Doors Accessories & Options

Variable Speed for Bi-Fold Doors
Variable Speed for Bi-Fold Doors
Variable frequency drive and programmable logic control provide a smooth, quiet operation. They also deliver faster cycle times, which minimizes heat loss when opening and closing large bi-fold doors, resulting in lower energy costs.
Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors insulation
Three options:
1. Blanket: 3-inch or 4-inch white-faced blanket insulation
2. Board: ½-inch board insulation on outside of frame with 3-inch board on inside
3. Spray: ½-inch board with 2 ½-inch spray foam
Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors sheeting & trim
Sheeting and Trim
29 gauge or 26 gauge ribbed steel applied to the exterior of the doorframe. Personalized to match your new building or replicate an existing structure.
Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors liner panel
Liner Panel
29 gauge ribbed steel applied to the interior of the doorframe for a consistent look.

Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors window options
4-foot x 2-foot fixed or sliding insulated windows allow light and ventilation to enter (custom sizes available).
Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors weather stripping
Weather Stripping
3/8-inch x 1 ½-inch foam weather strip applied with adhesive for added weather resistance.
Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors walk doors
Pre-hung 4-way universal walk door is available in 24 gauge smooth panel steel or 28 gauge textured panel steel for easy access.
Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors remote control
Remote Control
Allows the operation of the door with a remote transmitter.

Bi-fold and Hydraulic doors photo sensors
Photo Eyes
Prevent door movement if the beam of light is broken between the eyes.